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Community. Magic. Life changing. Church. Home. These are just a sample of words used to describe those who have experienced live performances by The Lesson GK – a NYC-based group comprised of a vocalist, producer/drummer, emcees and instrumentalists.

The Lesson GK started a collaborative weekly jam session in 2012 which has become the cornerstone of the NYC underground hip hop scene. The band’s secondary name “Gentei Kaijo” (Japanese for “limitation cancellation”) perfectly captures the ethos of the fully improvised experimental hip-hop, jazz, R&B, funk and progressive soul experience that proudly challenges both the artists and the crowd to become the best version of themselves by taking notice of their neighbor – regardless of cultural background, race, occupation and orientation – and learning about them in a space that fosters family.

The Lesson GK has grown beyond its highly acclaimed weekly NYC show, sharing its rare art with the world on tour and through its recordings.