F*BOMB Monthly Rock & Roll Show

F*Bomb is New York City’s longest running Rock N” Roll party, over the past thirteen years the show has paid tribute to a wide swath of artists and genres, all while involving hundreds of the New York rock scene’s most-talented musicians in their cast of characters. F*Bomb is the only tribute show that conceives, casts and rehearses completely different sets of music on a monthly basis, everything from Punk to Country to Metal to Classic Rock and beyond, F*Bomb has done it all!!! We invite you to come down and see what all the buzz is about, and take part in a real NYC cultural phenomenon, make some new friends and enjoy some great tunes played by some of the finest musicians our city has to offer. The show takes place the last Saturday of every month at the world famous Arlene’s Grocery on the Lower East Side.


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Live In Theater- Murder Mystery Party

Since 2009, Live In Theater has re-imagined the murder mystery genre and interactive experiences. By blending award-winning performers, real history, city streets, and a heightened sense of realism from the actors, audiences experience a high caliber, in-your-face, cutting-edge brand of theater. We are the masters of outdoor immersive theater in NYC!

At Live In Theater we offer true immersion by inviting the audience into the action of an experiential live theater in NYC. Here we play it for real. Come and rediscover your childlike sense of play, while using your adult ingenuity to try and solve the cases. Without a doubt, NYC loves the live interactive plays of Live In Theater.