F*BOMB Monthly Rock & Roll Show
F*Bomb is New York City’s longest running Rock N” Roll party, over the past thirteen years the show has paid tribute to a wide swath of artists and genres, all while involving hundreds of the New York rock scene’s most-talented musicians in their cast of characters. F*Bomb is the only tribute show that conceives, casts and rehearses completely different sets of music on a monthly basis, everything from Punk to Country to Metal to Classic Rock and beyond, F*Bomb has done it all!!! We invite you to come down and see what all the buzz is about, and take part in a real NYC cultural phenomenon, make some new friends and enjoy some great tunes played by some of the finest musicians our city has to offer. The show takes place the last Saturday of every month at the world famous Arlene’s Grocery on the Lower East Side.

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Live In Theater- Murder Mystery Party
Since 2009, Live In Theater has re-imagined the murder mystery genre and interactive experiences. By blending award-winning performers, real history, city streets, and a heightened sense of realism from the actors, audiences experience a high caliber, in-your-face, cutting-edge brand of theater. We are the masters of outdoor immersive theater in NYC!

At Live In Theater we offer true immersion by inviting the audience into the action of an experiential live theater in NYC. Here we play it for real. Come and rediscover your childlike sense of play, while using your adult ingenuity to try and solve the cases. Without a doubt, NYC loves the live interactive plays of Live In Theater.


Monday Night Live Rock&Roll Karaoke
What is live band Karaoke? It’s Karaoke with a live band not a boring machine!
Here’s how it works: You are the rockstar! How?
Guests put their name on a list to sing, our host calls them up to the stage and helps them along if needed.
We supply all the lyrics! Always 100% supportive crowd!

Fourteen years of being and institution in NYC. Over 2000 shows.
This world class band has shared the stage with members of the biggest rock bands of all time, including Queen, U2, ZZ Top, Blondie, Aerosmith, Green Day, Black Sabbath, Sting, Guns N Roses, Alice Cooper and more.

Voted by CNN as one of the top things to do in NYC. SNL after Party Band 2012/13.
Arlene’s World Famous has established itself as the next wave in American entertainment: Live Rock Band Karaoke.
Led by a charismatic host and featuring seasoned musicians who expertly perform rousing versions of over 300 songs spanning the history of rock music, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s & 2000’s.

The show combines the best elements of a theatrical live rock concert with the audience intrigue of Reality Idol TV. to create an unforgettable, super-charged karaoke night enjoyed by all.


Thursday Night THE LESSON
Thursdays at Arlene’s Grocery have become a hotbed for New York City hip-hop. Gentei Kaijo presents The Lesson, an open-jam that has not only been drawing love and support from five boroughs worth of rappers, but musicians of all sorts have flocked to become part of the movement. Capturing the community vibe in a way that’s become increasingly more challenging amongst the ever changing and more expensive Manhattan music climate, it’s allowed a true sense of family that fits anyone’s budget perfectly (it’s free with RSVP!). – The Village Voice