Iris Pill, Val Kinzler

New Century Entertainment Presents:

Iris Pill

Val Kinzler

Dec 11 Tue

8:00 pm (event ends at 10:00 pm)


This event is 21 and over

Iris Pill
Iris Pill
. A critique on the superficiality and escapism of modern society, which values beauty, fame, and youth over heart and inner substance. What we see on the surface is infinitely more important than what is inside. Materialism is the pill we take in order to feel happy and fulfilled, but its effects are fleeting and we search for something else to take its place. 2. A term of endearment: “My beautiful flower, you are such a pill, i.e. such a hot mess, such a pain.”

Iris Pill is a rock band from New York City with roots that span from small town America to the Far East. What do they sound like? Pour into a blender equal parts smashed up pumpkins, sounds from the garden, Alice and her chains and a dash of Coldplay, Tool and Jeff Buckley. Mix thoroughly. Add magic to taste.

Fans have noted these influences, yet Iris Pill’s music is distinctively its own and asserts its solitary vision through an unwavering beauty and emotional rawness rarely found in contemporary rock music. “We have always striven to write songs and have a sound that reaches deep down inside and transports you somewhere you were yearning to go but didn’t quite know yet, to touch your heart in a place that no other has touched.”

The band states, “Songs first and foremost are what matter to us. Drawing from the depths of our heart and soul as a band, we are committed to creating something organic and real. For all it’s grandeur this album was born of a solitary voice and guitar, a notebook and pen, and a cassette recorder. We are so excited for you to hear it.”

Iris Pill are looking forward to getting back on stage and stretching their legs after being sequestered in the recording studio for so long. They’ll be looking for you at their next show.
Val Kinzler
Val Kinzler
New York City is still home to Val Kinzler aka “Valkyrie” as she’s affectionately known to her friends and fans.
Val started playing piano at age five and as her passion for songwriting grew, she picked up the guitar which led her to playing solo gigs around the NYC area and later in Europe.
Throughout her life, Val has taught music and created special events involving women in music. Her latest CD titled, “Nothing Sacred About Hatred”, is the culmination of years of songwriting. Val shares a lifetime of joy, pain, love, and loss in her lyrics. Inspired by the blues, Val’s theatrical edge has led her to create her own genre of soulful “sophistipunk” .
Val’s first all girl band experience with “The Sirens” found her playing Hammond B3 organ, piano and singing classic rock n’ roll covers at colleges and local bars. While studying jazz piano at Berklee in Boston, and later at Queens College, she also majored in theater and enjoyed performing as an actress in plays and as a film/television extra.
Val’s voice and songs caught the ear of Sid Bernstein who became one of her mentors.
She later recorded with good friend Ted Horowitz aka Popa Chubby who played lead guitar and co-produced her “True Love Lies” collection. Thereafter, Val’s “East Third Street” record was produced by Genya Ravan who also sang background vocals.
Simultaneously, Val’s pop ballad “Love Won’t Break” placed in the 1998 John Lennon Songwriting Contest.
After the release of East Third Street, and the traumatic loss of her youngest brother to a drug overdose, Val was awarded a Martin Guitars Scholarship to study at Dusquene University in Pittsburgh, PA through “Women In Music”.
It was there that her song “The Junky Next Door” stirred up conversation among her peers and teen students in attendance. Recognizing the importance of providing a safe haven for students to vent their concerns, she realized that songwriting could be used as a positive alternative to the addictions.
The following year, Val moved back to NYC from Woodstock, NY on the eve of 9/11.
Feeling a call to action as fellow New Yorkers were reeling from the Twin Towers tragedy, she worked as a prevention specialist and facilitator of her “Music Cool” songwriting program in the New York City public school system.
Teaching tolerance, and peaceful conflict resolution skills through role play, Val organized anti-bullying campaigns, attained several grants through Newsday’s Future Corps, recorded a peer leadership CD, ran workshops and was asked to present her program to all 25 prevention program directors at the regional offices of the D.O.E.
Val’s Music Cool World “Silence The Violence” concert was
recorded live and featured alongside “Sesame Street” and “Songs of Love” on WFUV’s City Scape Program.
After three years, Val resigned from the D.O.E. , got married and gave birth to her only son Jesse Skye.
At this time, Val’s CD “Resume” was conceptualized and recorded with Producer Larry Rusell (Billy Joel, Mama’s and Papas, Bryan Adams) is currently working with Val to script a play based on this collection.
Val remains an integral part of the downtown New York City singer/songwriter music scene and as a “NYC Women Who Rock” event promoter.
Exploring various musical genres through the years, yet always re-embracing her roots rocker vibe, Val has opened for and/or shared the stage with Dr. John, Marty Balin, Three Dog Night, Johnny Johnson, Jon Paris and was also chosen to open for B B King.
In 2011, Val joined forces with local musicians to create her band “Validation” playing hard edged punk rock originals at local clubs. Songs such as: “Dirty Blonde”, “Keep Your Baby On A Leash”, and “Metal Swing” quickly became crowd favorites and Val still re-visits these catchy tunes with bassist Tucky Parkis in her cheeky “Chix & Axe” duo.
In 2014, Val won first place in the Recording Artists Development singer songwriter competition which led to various collaborations with Producer Philip Carroll.
To date, Val remains involved playing gigs with VKB(Val Kinzler Band) Comprised of veteran musicians, Joseph Vasta (Mink De Ville, Billy Idol, Joan Jett, John Waite), David White (The Hollies, Stumblebunny) and Ihle Factor (Ian Lloyd, John Ford).
Her latest single “Everyday” (produced by hit maker Russ Desalvo) is an up-lifting anthem addressing terrorism and it’s impact our world.
It is a follow-up to Val’s “Nothing Sacred About Hatred” title track from her 2015 release.
In Val’s own words: “ I have a fire in my belly that propels me forward to impart healing through music. Rock n’ roll is liberating and unites people from all walks of life!”
“Recycle raw emotion, life’s poetry in commotion
We all share one breath from the cradle to death”
Everyday, everyday, my friend
Love ricochets
(Even as the bullets spray)
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Arlene's Grocery
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New York, NY, 10002