Kosha Dillz

Arlene's Grocery Presents: Kosha Dillz

Kosha Dillz

DevMo, A.K., DripKiss

Nov 01 Thu

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:20 pm (event ends at 10:00 pm)

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 21 and over

Kosha Dillz
Kosha Dillz
It can be argued that Kosha Dillz could be the world’s most interesting rapper. Self
identified by his Jewish heritage, the freestyle improv champ has one of the best
interactive freestyle shows, along with rhyming in Spanish, Hebrew, English, and even
Yiddish. He boasts a self released album (What I Do All Day and Pickle) that debuted on 6
different Billboard charts this past summer via his own label OY VEY!, that features
everyone from Matisyahu to Flynt Flossy of Turquoise Jeep. Sounds interesting yet? Keep
reading. He has records with Rza from Wu Tang Clan. He has videos with ASAP Rocky and
Macklemore, and logged tour dates in Amsterdam with Action Bronson and Snoop Dogg. He
is even a playable video game character in NBA 2k11 and NBA 2k13 alongside Drake.
Indie Culture is not from him. He boasts festival plays with Mac Demarco and Portugal the
Man. Jam Band world is close to Kosha too. Live collaborations with John Popper of Blues
Traveler, DJ Logic and Vernon Reid of Living Colour shock crowds even more than Kosha
shocks his own wit .To top it off, his one hour rap show includes dance contests, live
bar mitzvahs and free pickles to encourage the insanity, hilarity, and spirituality all within
the same context.
In 2012, Kosha Dillz landed internet fame with the highest rated Superbowl commercial
with his song “cellular phone.” It was used for the Bud Light Superbowl “Here We Go” ad,
which had 100 million + viewers in the tied 4th quarter game. His producer Jesse Shatkin,
has gone on to be nominated for multiple grammy’s via Sia’s Chandelier. To celebrate the
near victory Kosha went to street perform outside the 57th Grammy’s and in return
landed himself in a $50,000 Chevrolet commercial from “rapping on the street.” Just
look up Kosha Dillz’ performance at the 59th Grammy Awards...outside, to get a taste of
the limelight.
When not on tour with friends like Kool Keith and Rza, he teaches a rap class called
“how to be a jewish rapper in 45 minutes” at various synagogues across the country. In
addition to that, he is a motivational speaker on the topic of addiction and recovery. The
Ex convict and former NCAA Division I wrestler from Rutgers University has applied his
hard working effort into the rap music at SXSW, being dubbed by Source Magazine as
“the hardest working man in hip hop.” Kosha works so hard that ISIS had hacked him in
2014, and he went viral just before being added to the entire Vans Warped Tour of 2015.
Kosha Dillz is currently on his first headlining tour called OY VEY USA. The idea of the
tour came from his OY VEY SXSW showcase, which brings together all different kinds of
people for cultural understanding. The lyrics of his song with Murs is true. “We are
different...We are different...its gonna be ok.” He got tired of jumping on other bills and
never getting the proper due he deserved, so he decided to take measures into his own
For SXSW 2017, his 3rd annual official OY VEY SXSW showcase dubbed a miss-mash
of handpicked acts from around the globe, from long time friends to fellow collaborators
with a Jewish twist, all in his quest fulfill the unity of his multiple crowds to be under one
roof. It received press in Billboard, NPR, and BBC. He has booked everyone from
Murs andGangsta Boo of Three 6 Mafia to Jewish Montreal accordion phenom
SoCalled to Chicago’s legendary trendsetters The Cool Kids and blind guitarist Raul

SoCalled to Chicago’s legendary trendsetters The Cool Kids and blind guitarist Raul
If he is not the world’s most interesting rapper, he certainly is close to it. The 35
show OY VEY USA tour will showcase just that. Don’t be the one to miss out.
There aren’t that many rap shows where you can learn Yiddish these days.
Devin Moses aka DEVMO is everything but a typical rap artist. As a petite red-head from Santa Monica, audiences are in pure shock when she starts flowing with fluidity and bite while also delivering a message she is experiencing in her daily life. DEVMO strives for authenticity and entertainment, and on that alone, she's opened locally and internationally for artists like Angel Haze, Snow Tha Product, Elle King, and more.

DEVMO just dropped her 5-track EP "Change My Mind" on July 20th 2018 which touches on her experiences living in Hollywood over the past three years. It's safe to say DEVMO has found her sound as she combines melodic choruses and fast paced rapping verses to create a style all her own.
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