The Planets, The Wyrd Brothers

The Planets

The Wyrd Brothers

May 14 Mon

8:00 pm (event ends at 10:00 pm)


This event is 21 and over

The Planets
The Planets
Rockin' the NYC area since the '70s, The Planets pound out a mix classic, roots, and punk rock at each show.
The Wyrd Brothers
The Wyrd Brothers
My older brother Bill was
the one who put me on the
Wyrd path I'm on. He had
Buddy Holly, Elvis, Gary US
Bonds, Louie Louie &
"Harlem Nocturne" by The
Viscounts. He also had a
My mom had a collection of
jazz and blues LP's. She
used to sashay around the
house, singing “What's to be
done with the drunken
I moved to Clinton from
West Haven in 1963 into a
strange new world. Everyone
had a 410 shotgun and liked
sports. All I liked to do was
play records.
The family lived near Fresno
at the time. We were coming
home from a day trip to
King's Canyon when Roy
Orbison's “Pretty Woman”
was released. The DJ played
it at least five times in a row.
Race and class were
definitely part of music in
the Valley. African-American
kids lip-synced to Motown
on the outdoor stage at
lunch. Latino bands covered
Jim Duval and the Gauchos
at school dances. White kids
had the Beach Boys and surf
I spent a few years not
having any "real" friends
until 8th grade when Peter
came to Clinton from
California. We pretty much
had the same taste in music.
I met Brian at the Middle
School. We liked the same
music! We were neighbors!
Peter and I went a lot of
places together but mostly
Merle's Record Rack in New
We were devoted to reading
record labels for
author/publisher info, and
searching music store
catalogs for “the original
version.” Memorizing
We started a band and
explored a band set list that
started with the Byrds and
covered everything from
Blues,The Dead, Pentangle
and all point in between. We
played music together from
8th grade into our college
In Middle School we
somehow managed to get
into a “local talent” slot on
a radio station in
Bridgeport. I broke my arm
skateboarding on a steep hill
the week before we went on.
So big brother played drums.
There was a time in the 70's
when we worked on some
original songs. I was inspired
by Johnny Thunders, The
Clash & The Sex Pistols. It
is this period of time that I
feel is the genesis of The
Wyrd Brothers reunion.
I used to practice at least 3
or four hours everyday until
I got to art school. My
mother thought it a reproach
when she said, “All you care
about is rock music and
I always felt Peter had some
great songs that needed to
see the light of day. The Altright
and Trump convinced
me of this when Peter
reconnected with me after
about 30 years and sent me
the lyrics to "Racing to The

One of my “problems” was I
could never stop thinking
about songwriting even
years after playing had come
to full stop. So when I got
back in touch with Brian, I
sent him my lyrics, and he
said, “I'd like to record
these, but I want you to
Venue Information:
Arlene's Grocery
95 Stanton St.
New York, NY, 10002