Bonus Pump, Cyberattack, Shadow Eden

Bonus Pump


Shadow Eden

Mar 23 Fri

8:00 pm (event ends at 11:00 pm)


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This event is 21 and over

Bonus Pump
Bonus Pump
We are the greater NYC area's favorite cover band BONUS PUMP!

If you live for getting in that not always necessary but always rewarding bonus pump then you will absolutely love bonus pump! With the angelic vocals of Robbie Smooth, the face melting guitar riffs of Luke Smith, the Seinfeld worthy bass licks of Big Al Thatcher and the drummer-from-lifespeed approved drums of B. Schneids, you will always have a great time at a Bonus Pump show.

We look forward to playing at your local bar, showroom, daydrink, dad's retirement party, quinceanera and barmitzvahs soon - so come on down, grab a drink and most importantly...make sure you get in that bonus pump!
Cyberattack is a brand-new NYC-based band combining holographic pop music and intense synth-jazz meltdowns. Its members are Ivan Anderson (guitar + voice), Jeff Manian (keyboards + voice), Jay Goodman (bass), and Rodney Flood (drums + voice). Influences include Mario Kart 64, airplane mode, and Mike Tyson. For more information, visit
Shadow Eden
Shadow Eden



SHADOW EDEN is the guitar driven all instrumental power trio hailing from New York, propelled to the forefront of their genre by sheer musical prowess & determination.


SHADOW EDEN'S 2015 offering quickly became a CMJ Top 10 favorite. The band’s musical pedigree has earned them endorsements from GJ2 GUITARS, MORLEY PEDALS, & LP, along with consecutive invites to every NAMM Convention since 2011. And nothing says more about a band than STANDING ROOM ONLY PERFORMANCES.


Talk is cheap, unless of course you're the talk of the town:

"Great stuff from some talented cats..."- DON JAMIESON/THAT METAL SHOW~

"... virtuoso playing with strong melodic compositional content . Dave manages to check all the boxes nicely as far as many of the shred guitar food groups are concerned ( fast alternate picked passages, two-hand tapping, arpeggio play , etc.) but it`s his phrasing, inflection and melodic sense that really shine.... - awesome!" ~ JOE STUMP ~

"I've always loved David Mercado's playing ... a guitarist who is really defining his own style. Shades of Satriani meets Coltrane played with an edgy New York attitude are what I'm hearing ..... A deep groove underneath balance the honest musicianship on top!....." ~ GUITAR WORLD /RON ZABROCKI~

"..Ferocious in your face shred! ..." ~ ROB BALDUCCI ~

"Mercado has assembled the perfect accompaniment of musicians to not only support his compositions but also complement and showcase each individual talent within the confines of each song. .." ~ HARD ROCK HAVEN ~

"Dave Mercado’s ...much more than just a regular guitar demonstration ....he proves that he is like Guitar Gods such as Joe Stump, Joe Satriani, James Byrd, Dario Lorina, Chris Broderick, Vinnie Moore, Rusty Cooley, Richie Kotzen.... “I'm convinced Dave Mercado is a world class guitarist – magical tricks are hidden deep within his fingertips….” ~ METAL TO INFINITY ~

"Shadow Eden combine elements of progressive rock, fusion and guitar-driven metal into well structured, highly musical, and very listenable tunes. Guitarwise Dave Mercado shows a great diverse range of styles in his playing as well as some killer take-no-prisoners technique. Their debut record will certainly appeal to a wide range of fans that enjoy virtuosic, guitar-driven music...." ~ SHRED ACADEMY ~"

"Perpetual Motion is a crazy fretfest. This stuff is madness...... with Mercado's fingers seemingly made of liquid mercury.... " ~ JOHN WILCOX/ PROGSHEET ~"

"this CD would be the perfect Soundtrack for your snowboarding, skateboarding or even mountain biking adventures!...” ~BASS MUSICIAN MAGAZINE ~

“…fast guitar work showing the precision and speed of Dave Mercado's fingers…When you listen closely you sometimes recognize Al DiMeola…...a perfectly balanced album where shred master Dave ... with veteran Randy Coven, resulting in strong soloing from both sides and a lot of testosterone. In short; music with big balls!!!...I think Shadow Eden will find its way to all guitar devotees….” ~ BACKGROUND MAGAZINE ~
Venue Information:
Arlene's Grocery
95 Stanton St.
New York, NY, 10002