Darkwing, Ghost Pressure, Lillet Blanc, Yankee Longstraw


Ghost Pressure

Lillet Blanc

Yankee Longstraw

May 07 Sun

7:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Darkwing - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Darkwing started as a solo project in Rich's parents house.

He was playing in a few bands that weren't doin it for him. They weren't bad, but it just wasn't his cup of tea.

After recording a 5 song EP Rich put together a band and they played and played and played and played. small poorly attended brooklyn and manhattan shows, small poorly attended shows in NJ, a couple of backyard bbq shows...

A friend who calls himself "Chrome" offered to record Darkwing at his schools music studio as a project. He got an A- and Darkwing had some free recordings, but they remained unmixed for a while and the band Rich had put together fell apart.

Then one night at a house show in NJ, Skateboard Kyle amiably broke a bottle over Rich's head which somehow convinced Drummer Drew to join the band.

After a bunch of shows and trying out different bassists/screwing around/research chemicals on an overcast day in Asbury Park and a jaunt to Philly, Rich decided to make moves and get the recordings mixed into something worth releasing. Enter Scott: wizard of a mastering engineer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist.

during the mastering sessions, it occurred to Rich that the song "Bars (Human Zoo)" needed a REAL guitar solo, so he asked Zakk to hop in on the session.

since then Zakk has been on board and recently Scott jumped on as bass player.

Darkwing has a sound crafted in basements and back yards. Yes the deepest darkest basements. So deep underground that the devil himself was actually caught on instagram tapping his fingers on the throne of virgin corpses, but the post was removed for being to risque.

Anyway due to geothermal activity, the sound has become, according to Dave Hill, "hot". The sound is so hot, it could cook bacon in a snowstorm, warm your house on a cold night, set your alcohol drenched hair on fire, melt olympic stadiums, etc.

Very excited to have a cassette tape coming out soon on Wiener Records!
Ghost Pressure - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Ghost Pressure
Ghost Pressure is a rock band from Babylon, NY, formed in September 2014.
Lillet Blanc - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Lillet Blanc
Yankee Longstraw - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
Yankee Longstraw
Yankee Longstraw is a New York based rock band consisting of Andrew Krolikowski, Derek Smith, Gary O'Keefe, and Jason Briggs.
Venue Information:
Arlene's Grocery
95 Stanton St.
New York, NY, 10002