Indigo King Record Release Show w/ Steady Sun, High Fascination, Andy Prasa, Jacob Metcalf

Indigo King Record Release Show w/ Steady Sun, High Fascination, Andy Prasa, Jacob Metcalf

Mar 10 Fri

7:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Indigo King - (Set time: 11:00 PM)
Indigo King
Indigo King is the collaboration of one mind split into five parts. The first four members were Faiz Lone, Josh Braunstein, Liam Houghtaling, and Danny Annibale. These four have been making music together since around the age of birth, playing in a number of different bands, all having different names and being responsible for different sounds. But they were not Indigo King until the last member, Indigo Duck, joined the band, sometime around the beginning of 2014.
Indigo King music is pioneering a new genre, Space Aquarium. Picture a sperm whale swimming gracefully through the endless oceans of space. Translucent neon jellyfish floating silently by in the background as the whale passes by. Add a drum track to that image and you have an idea of the sound of Indigo King.

Aside from making music, the band enjoys sleeping and watching movies. Saying words incorrectly is also a time-tested pastime. But don't worry too much about that, listen to the music and enjoy.
Steady Sun - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Steady Sun
Dylan Nowik's five-piece brainchild is growing up. The band is poised to release their second full-length LP this summer, and will be supporting the release with a run of shows across Brooklyn. Flora's eleven tracks are the result of two weeks' time occupied exclusively recording last summer in an Upstate New York Barn, and seven months of creative deliberation in post. Says keyboardist Slack Barrett, "Dylan is so meticulous, you know, with mixing and final touches...but the result is essential to our sound, and I see the time he spends as a well-practiced ritual."

Recording Upstate offered Nowik some new opportunities, and the change in scenery encouraged ingenuity. Their debut album, Good Evening, released in September 2013, was recorded at Rose Studios in Brooklyn, and is described as being "folky, baroque pop" whereas Nowik sees Flora as the result of a fascination with rhythm, textures and soundscapes. There are sonic eccentricities throughout the album, such as recordings of bugs in Vermont, and a massacred crash cymbal. Says Nowik, "Andrew wanted a different cymbal on 'Waiting', and nothing was working, so he and I went from the barn out to the street at like 2pm and just started thrashing this thing on the road with hammers, making a big racket. It fractured though, and we used it".

Nowik rarely left the easel on which his artwork was taking shape; over the course of two weeks, other members made their way in and out from the city and laid down parts. The result is a lush patchwork of sound, complete with DD-7 delay-scapes, dictaphone recordings of conversation, fuzzed out harmonies and smooth yet enormous transitions that pull you in like a current as it gets closer to a waterfall. The mist rising up from that waterfall is Flora: airy and beautiful, the intangible result of a journey over the edge of an everlasting dance between delicacy and force.

Steady Sun is Dylan Nowik, Andrew Emgee, Slack Barrett, Danny Rose, and Peter Victor-Gasper. They are pioneering a new genre, coined by Nowik as "Jive Daydream", and they are looking forward to sharing it with you.
High Fascination - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
High Fascination
High Fascination, described as having a “pristine and organic” sound by E Train, is an energetic blend of rock, pop, folk, and psychedelic pop. Started in 2009 as a solo recording project, High Fascination’s first four albums were recorded solely by multi-instrumentalist Andrew Weiss. The Music Court characterizes Weiss as "oozing with talent. Weiss is a band in a box." In 2012, he began writing and recording with other musicians, releasing 2 additional albums under the High Fascination umbrella. The band’s music has been compared by The Music Court to “a ripe apple: crisp melodies when you sink your teeth into the music and juicy innards when you delve into its intricacies.” In October 2016, High Fascination performed at The Outlaw Roadshow in New York City, a festival curated by Adam Duritz (lead singer of Counting Crows). High Fascination combines smooth lyrics, melodies, and riffs to create a sound that optimizes both the studio and live performance. Forkster can “certainly see a big appeal for their glowing rock music charm, great tunes here!” As of early 2017, the band is in the studio recording a new album.
Andy Prasa - (Set time: 8:00 PM)
Andy Prasa
Andy Prasa is a singer-songwriter, guitarist & producer based out of New York City. After having attended Berklee College of Music in Boston from 2012 - 2015, Andy has recently recorded and released a brand new EP in Brooklyn entitled "Some Kind of Blues - EP". The album was recorded & produced by Grammy award winning producer Tom Camuso and features Popular American jazz pianist John Medeski & Saturday Night Live drummer Shawn Pelton. The album consists of six original songs released on September 14th, 2016 and are now available on iTunes & Spotify.
Jacob Metcalf - (Set time: 7:00 PM)
Jacob Metcalf
Jacob Metcalf is a postmodern composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Dallas, Texas, recognized for his inventive guitar work and velvety singing voice. He performs solo, with a band, and occasionally alongside a symphony of winds, strings, and brass.

Metcalf's debut album 'Fjord' (2016) received pleasant responses from the international press community and music lovers alike for its breathtaking collection of art-folk compositions that range from wistful, unhurried ballads to swirling, majestic orchestrations, sometimes within the same song, and all set to Metcalf’s inviting vocals and non-linear story-telling.

Dallas/Ft Worth music critic Preston Jones remarked, “Metcalf’s solo debut is exquisite, its beauty both on the surface and further down — his reedy, emotive voice rests atop intricate instrumentation, full of flickering strings, plucked guitars and dry percussion — making songs like the gorgeous title track or Ein Berliner lodge firmly in the mind.”
Venue Information:
Arlene's Grocery
95 Stanton St.
New York, NY, 10002