The Poynt, Black Night Revival, Roman Sky and Cadillac Brigade

the Poynt

Black night revival, Roman Sky, Cadillac Brigade

Ages 21+
The Poynt, Black Night Revival, Roman Sky and Cadillac Brigade

The Poynt

Hailing from Queens New York, Hard Rock trio The Poynt has been flooding the underground rock scene since late 2015. Their debut Progressive Rock album This is American Royalty was positively received in the rock community. In the past few years, The Poynt has experimented with different sounds. With their 2017 Alternative Rock EP Alpha Queue and more recent shift to an aggressive, Hard Rock sound, their next full-length album is their most ambitious and set to be released later this year. Since day one, The Poynt has been all about taking risks and not conforming to today's indie rock fads. With their musical influences ranging from The Ramones to Metallica, audiences across the tri-state area are enthralled with Eduardo's unique vocals, Adhnan's blistering guitar solos, and Dom's aggressive, pounding drums. The Poynt are finishing up their latest album and currently preparing for its late 2019 release.

Black Night Revival

Black Night Revival (Formerly Known As Black Satellite) is an American hard rock band out of NYC that artfully merges ambient guitar riffs, driving drum and bass grooves, and soul-stirring vocals with an angelic choir of jet engines to electrify your consciousness.

The four-piece ensemble consists of Petar Krsikapa on lead vocals, Juan Cardenas on guitar, Rik Cava on bass, and Frank Juan on drums.

Each member brings over a decade of experience and a variety of influences to the stage, including Deep Purple, Rival Sons, STP, Kings of Leon, and Audioslave.

In addition to its regular rock revival throw-downs at Arlene’s Grocery and Pianos, the band has played premier NYC-area venues, such as Highland Ballroom, Bowery Ballrooom, Mulcahy’s, and Irving Plaza.

Roman Sky

Roman Sky is a New York based alternative/punk rock band founded in January of 2014 by Micky Roman (guitar and lead vocals) and Duane McDonald (bass and backup vocals). Trying drummers for over a year, the band finally found their drummer, Greg Fenster. Our sound is largely influenced by early 90s bands like Nirvana and the Foo Fighters and others. It's evident in the song writing with fast paced, hard hitting and high energy songs that are both simple sounding but fun to jump around to

Cadillac Brigade

CB is an alternate rock act coming out of Queens NY that blends textural and technical elements with soulful expression

Venue Information:
Arlene's Grocery
95 Stanton Street
New York City, NY, 10001