Sun Cycles, Coastal Clouds, The Qualitons and Supercel
Mondo Presents:

Sun Cycles

Coastal Clouds, The Qualitons, Supercel

Ages 21+
Mondo Fest at Arlene's Grocery

Mondo Presents: Sun Cycles, Coastal Clouds, The Qualitons and Supercel

Sun Cycles

Sun Cycles is the musical brainchild and latest project from Omaha front woman Jessica Hottman of The Hottman Sisters. Steeped in deep synth, big drums, and soaring vocals - the act pulls inspiration from artists like Imogen Heap, Lorn, and Stevie Nicks.

"I was listening to the song "Days" by The Drums, and it dawned on me that so much happens, from the most menial thing to the greatest discovery, as our planet cycles the sun. I like to think of my music as just a piece of all the beauty that our world is creating: a thread in the quilt that humanity is weaving. To me, this is a humbling and beautiful thought. And with that, the name Sun Cycles was born.

Sun Cycles' debut single "KIDS" landed premieres on Ghettoblaster Magazine, Week in Pop, and Rearview Mirror (AUS). Her second single “BANG BANG” premiered on ChorusFM.

Coastal Clouds:

Coastal Clouds is the music project of Roberto Rodriguez, who works and lives in Santa Monica, California. R. Rodriguez moved to California after college and started to develop his new sound in the West Coast. Residing in LA, R. Rodriguez took studio internships, worked commercial/TV production gigs and played shows around town (Silver Lake, Echo Park, DTLA, Venice, Hollywood, Pasadena) until he was able to get his debut solo effort produced by Billy Mohler ( a few years later. Billy Mohler helped Coastal Clouds find a new sound and added his flare through bass and other instrumentation that are found all throughout the new album.

Billy Mohler and Aaron Smart decided to start their own record label, MAKE Records, in 2017 and signed Coastal Clouds as the first project on their label. Since then, Coastal Clouds has released a 4 song EP with MAKE Records and the new, full length record is due out early this year... It features mostly clean instruments and mellow vocals that may reverberate some Neil Young / John Lennon vibes on the vintage side but also War on Drugs / Real Estate on the more "modern" side...Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, M. Ward, First Aid Kit ) mixed and Greg Calbi (Sterling Sound) mastered the full length album which is due out early 2019!

The Qualitons:

Budapest based band, The Qualitons is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Catchy, energetic, psychedelic rock inspired by the sounds of mod-beat and funk music of the 60s and 70s. 

The Qualitons started out as an instrumental jazz-funk act to fill a niche, as there were no bands back then in this genre. As all the members graduated at the Department of Jazz at the Franz Liszt Music Academy, they soon started to write their own songs. The tracks were inspired by the sound and energy of early rock, beat and funk music. 
Their debut album 'Panoramic Tymes' was released in 2010 by German funk-soul label Tramp Records and after some lineup changes it was followed by 'Tomorrow's News' in 2014. 

The first two albums are now followed by the brand new third one, called ‘Echoes Calling’. With the new musical material the band is off to pastures new. The tracks are longer, made of several parts, the sounds are bolder and more progressive. It all adds up to the band's characteristic trait, the rich vocal harmonies building on solid guitar grooves. 

With a recently recorded live session at the legendary KEXP radio in Seattle, USA and several gigs around Europe, the band has been building international reputation for their shows and the unique vibe that describes them. The band successfully toured Germany, Spain, France and Poland. They have appeared on radio playlists all over the world (including Australia, USA and Japan), have given interviews to several international magazines (including TimeOut Budapest and Enlace Funk in Spain) They have also written and performed the scores for two independent Hungarian films. In 2018 they played at SXSW Texas, Austin to lots of positive feedback.


Wearing a mix of influences from soul and 70's concert rock to indie pop and psychedelia, Supercel stitches it together and weaves a tapestry all their own. Led by songwriter/guitarist and lead vocalist Paul Casanova whose credits range from the platinum selling Empire Records Soundtrack to live appearances with legends like Gloria Gaynor, and recording for artists such as Seattle's Black Ocean Temple, Finland's Peppina and Vermont's Kris Gruen, the band is made up of Sean Gaffney on keys and vocals, Jackson Tarricone on bass, Anthony Sabino on drums and guitarist Tom Stoerger.

With their recent song "High Water" released as part of the soundtrack and film "Monday" for Robert Rodriguez's "Rebel Without a Crew" TV show, the band is currently in the studio finishing up their debut album to be released in September 2018 on Brooklyn's Mother West label

Venue Information:
Arlene's Grocery
95 Stanton Street
New York City, NY, 10001