Miss Cherry Delight with The FMs & Villins

Miss Cherry Delight

The FM's, Villins

Ages 21+
Miss Cherry Delight | The FMs and Villins

Miss Cherry Delight

With a voice that powerfully wails as much as it orgasmically moans, NYC's hypersexually charged shock rocker, closet cannibal and sweetheart succubus, Miss Cherry Delight is about to errupt and corrupt Arlene's Grocery! Miss Cherry Delight has been described as "If Alice Cooper and Wendy from Plasmatics have a baby in the produce aisle" and "If you ever wished Melanie Martinez sounded like Marilyn Manson". Her band's alternative hard rock/goth industrial sound nods to 90's grunge, dark pop and evil trip-hop with plenty of face-melting guitar shredding and screams. Miss Cherry Delight's live shows create a dark theatrical world that feel like Valentines Day and Halloween had some kind of fun blood soaked orgy and everyone is invited.

The FMs

The FMs, (femmes, female to males, fuck me sillies) Dancing shoegazers menacing hymns on the future zeitgeist. Symphonic stoner rock nightmares. The FMs bizarro live shows incorporate gender bending interpretive dance with powerful electric insanity evoking a contemporary nihilist take on 1970’s glam antics. Condoms are gifted while demanding folks stop overpopulating the planet. At times everyone tries to twerk. The FMs simply want to save the world without being dicks about it.


Jesyka & Jesus are Villins. Villins are a two-piece genre-bending pop duo based in New York City featuring singer Jesyka and guitarist/producer Kareem "Jesus" Devlin (Kareem was given the nickname "Jesus" by Lady Gaga as the lead guitarist on her Monster Ball Tour). With a growing reputation for their sexy and intense glam rock live show, as well as for their anthemic and unpredictable songwriting, Villins are a mysterious musical powerhouse full of surprises.

Venue Information:
Arlene's Grocery
95 Stanton Street
New York City, NY, 10001