Killcode and Weapons of Anew with Charetta and The Infection
Tommy London and Arlene's Grocery Presents:


Weapons of Anew, Charetta, The Infection

Ages 21+
Killcode With Weapons of Anew, Charetta and The Infection


KILLCODE is a five piece American based rock band that hails from New York City. Their unique sound and style has been described as Southern infused Rock/ Metal with modern day vocals. KILLCODE’s songs are hooky super charged anthems with big guitars and driving rhythms that pumps a shot of adrenaline into your system the moment you hear them.

Weapons of Anew

Key to the band’s recent “live” success: the professionalism of the band’s musicians led by former Axiom and HavocHate guitarist Freddy Ordine—and former Spread Eagle vocalist Ray West, a born frontman whose confidence and command of the stage has attracted a growing fan base now eagerly awaiting the arrival of the aforementioned debut.

​Musicianship coupled with powerful vocals are obviously important, but even the most talented artists stumble without creative, catchy songs. But, as “The Last Hero” tour audiences will attest, each of the band’s songs resonate. From their first single and music video “Killshot” to their debut’s closing track—the potential radio hit--“Undone,” Weapons of Anew never relent. They are not afraid to sonically paint outside the lines and refuse to be “boxed in” or categorized. Their brash, bold sound is colorful, layered and textured; a testament to each member’s vast musical background while maintaining a strong nod to the new.

​“I wanted to concentrate on hooks,” the guitarist explains. “I want to experiment with harmonies and melodies. I wanted to play music that comes naturally to each of us in this band. I wanted to write, work on songs with this band and then immediately record them. I wanted to capture that spontaneity; that raw vibe; that fresh energy.” Although Ordine enjoyed success with both Axiom and HavocHate, there were different musical styles he wanted to explore. As HavocHate’s leader, the gifted musician helped create two memorable albums (2003’s This Violent Earth (Root of All Evil) and 2005’s Cycle of Pain (Indecent)). Hampered by internal issues and lineup changes, however, the band grinded to a halt. This gave Ordine the chance to “step back” and focus on his growing family, but he refused to give into his frustration and quit music. He had more to say as an artist. All he needed was a proper foil; his ideal partners in musical crime.


CHARETTA is a female-fronted modern rock band based out of New York City. Their music is bold, action packed, groove heavy and topped with passionate vocals! Angelina, the singer, keep you entertained by belting out hooky lines and singing beautiful soprano melodies.

Over the past decade, CHARETTA has opened for such national acts as Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, Hinder & Red. They are now recording 2 new singles! Inspired by WWE pro-wrestler Jessy “La Diva Del Ring” who currently walks out to Charetta’s #1 single “Lights Out” which has a “Women’s Fight Club” style music video. Available streaming everywhere!

The Infection

The infection is spreading - heavy modern rock grooves with memorable hooks and melodies. The lineup is all NYC guts and talent.

Rick Dunn - Vocals

Tommy Guarnieri - Guitar

Santiago Helman - Bass

Vinnie LaRocca - Drums

Venue Information:
Arlene's Grocery
95 Stanton Street
New York City, NY, 10001