F*Bomb #162

F*Bomb #162

Ages 21+
F*Bomb #162 Tribute to Devo and Joe Jackson

F*Bomb #162: Devo / Joe Jackson Tributes

Joe Jackson “Look Sharp” set

Devo “Freedom of Choice” set

Featuring:Adrianne Kuss, Aly Duke, Amy Allensworth, Anya Liebman, Charly Roth, Craigman, Crystal Durant, Jack Holloway, Jay Stone, Jesse Featherstone, Jesse Krakow, Melissa Faye Villain, Mike Dudolevitch, Mike SOS, Mike Whitney, Pam Grande, Paul Bertolino, Paul Kane, Ralph Del Corral, Reginald Saffold, Seth Fineberg, SuperMorgan, Tommy Von Voigt, Vic Pullen, Go-Go Bombshelle - Alison Bargoddess

21 + w. ID

$10 advance

$12 cover

Venue Information:
Arlene's Grocery
95 Stanton Street
New York City, NY, 10001