Christian Sparacio with Goghi, Manta and Rosemont Post

Christian Sparacio with Goghi, Manta and Rosemont Post

Ages 21+
Christian Sparacio with Goghi, Manta and Rosemont Post

Christian Sparacio

Call it melancholy longing, or a bittersweet nostalgia, but Christian’s music connects one with their desperate yearning for the past without sacrificing their fervent pursuit for the future.

From Alt-j to Mt. Joy to Kings of Leon to John Mayer, Christian’s music lands somewhere in between to deliver alternative/indie-pop songs everyone can find comfort in.





Formed in Princeton, NJ, Manta is a psychedelic rock band consisting of Jack Brickner (vocals/bass), Charlie Guarino (vocals/guitar), and Sam Guarino (vocals/keys/guitar). The group specializes in delivering dynamic musicianship, meticulous arrangements, mood-inducing grooves, and thoughtful lyricism in the form of tightly crafted pop songs.

The band expands upon decades of popular music, mixing various genre textures (jazz, tropicália, funk, disco, to name a few) and adding layers of sonic flourishes in a manner reminiscent of the experimentally-minded ethos of the 60s and 70s.

All four members are multi-instrumentalists, producers, and prolific songwriters, each trading lead vocal duties between songs; their distinct voices and styles blending to create a unique collaborative sound in an era filled with one-man-bands.

Their debut EP Fuzz Pop was released in 2017, followed by a string of singles, including Melanoma Sunrise (2018) and Lose Their Legs (2019).

Rosemont Post

After 8 years of friendship and a few trips around the world, Dani Turner and John Ryan Del Bosque moved to Astoria, NY into a historic mansion that was previously dubbed ‘Rosemont’. Not long after becoming roommates, they began crafting tunes while finding a sound influenced by their residence— eventually adopting the moniker Rosemont Post. Creating moody, soulful, heartfelt pop, the duo is currently working on an EP, with their debut single set to be released this fall. Stay tuned!

Venue Information:
Arlene's Grocery
95 Stanton Street
New York City, NY, 10001